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If your child is having a hard time reading, we can help. Soon enough they’ll be visiting new worlds, exploring new topics and more importantly: learning.

We make reading easy. No more stress, no more embarrassment — your child’s reading skills and confidence CAN IMPROVE in just 7 days.

Even if you’ve tried other “learning centers,” tutors and classes that have failed, our revolutionary, scientifically PROVEN program can still help — all from the comfort of your home anywhere in the US.

The key to our methods (and to your child’s success) is in pattern recognition. We help your child untangle the mess of letters and spaces they see to create words, paragraphs and cohesive pages. You can learn more about our reading program here.

We’re so confident that you can see an improvement in your child’s reading skills in
just 7 days that we GUARANTEE it with a full money-back pledge.

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